Woven Basalt Glass

Woven Basalt Glass

Basalt Glass is used for tough and high-temperature applications. This ranges from welding carpets and curtains to vacuum bags for power-generating plants. Basalt Glass has a golden look to it and is also used for appearance reasons where this is desired.

Our Basalt Glass Fabrics are made to customer specifications. Basalt glass yarn is made in China, and Basalt Glass Roving is made in Ireland. It is difficult to purchase in small quantities, but we have readily available access to 300 and 600-tex yarn. This limits the weight of fabrics we can weave.


Example product we make: 700g/m² (21oz/yd²) fabric

weft yarn warp yarn warp x weft pattern weight
US 830yield 1660 yield 17 x 21/inch twill 21oz/yd²
Metric 600tex 300 tex 68 x 83/10cm twill 700g/m²

We produce these in widths of 100 mm (4”) to 1750 mm (70”)
We can make this product with any common weave.


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