Georgian Bay Fabrics was incorporated in 2001 and started as a weaver of narrow fabrics. Initially 2 equal partners, Kirk Maheu, and Gerrit van der Weg, with the help of Tom Jenkinson in Sales and Marketing and were for a period assisted by weaving experts. In the first 2 years, we produced fiberglass tapes with an areal weight of 6 and 9 oz/yd² (200 and 300 g/m²).

A lot of the produced products went into the kit market for do-it-yourself repairs. But we also gained a strong foothold in the sporting goods market, especially for manufacturing hockey sticks. In 2003 we introduced woven roving’s of 15, 18, 24 oz/yd² or 450, 600, 750 g/m² areal weight. In 2004 we introduced Kevlar® and carbon to our product line.


The company grew quickly, and in 2008 we outgrew our modest facility and moved to a modern 30,000 sq. ft building in Midland, Ontario.  From being mostly a local supplier for Ontario and Quebec we grew into a truly North American supplier. From running with just a few people we increased our production to a 24/7 operation. Unfortunately, during this period Kirk needed to step back as an active partner and Gerrit became over the years the major shareholder and General Manager of the company. We were able to purchase a new product line making unidirectional, no-crimp products known under the trade name of Ancaref. A lot of our production of this product finds its way into the surfboards, snowboards, etc.

In 2018 the company ownership was reorganized, and Christine van der Weg became the new majority owner of the company, but Gerrit continues as the General Manager and is concentrating more on special projects.

G.B.R.F.’s leadership has solid roots in the composites industry. All our senior staff has 20 plus years in the industry, in Research & Development, Management, Accounting, and Manufacturing. With Christine getting her MBA, we are also positioning ourselves for the future as a well-managed and high-performing company.

 We are proud of what we have achieved in a relatively short time, weathering a financial crisis and major recession, and deal with the impact of the COVID epidemic successfully, and developing a strong relationship with customers all over North America and beyond. Today our products find their way around the globe.

We have created a stable, financially sound company, that cares for its customers, its people, and the society we live in and doing our best to help our planet by being environmentally responsible and actively searching for more sustainable processes.


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