Ancaref Materials

Ancaref® Materials

Ancaref materials are non-woven, non-crimp, non-stitch uni-directional fabrics used together by all standard resins to produce high performance structural components. True uni-directional reinforcement eliminates resin pockets, gives maximum fiber density and total, faster impregnation.

Fabrics are supported by a co-polyester scrim. This fabric offers optimum load bearing capacity and gives maximum strength in the direction of the load. Ancaref materials come standard in Carbon, S2 Glass Fiberglass and Kevlar fiber. Additionally various product configurations are available. For example, hybrids of different fibers.


Ancaref Tapes

Ancaref Reinforcements are all custom-made to the customer’s specifications.

1. The tapes are delivered on a 6” (150 mm) core.
2. In the roll the fabric is separated by craft paper, one of our sustainability developments.
3. The roll length is standard 100 yard or 91 meters.
4. The weight of the fabric depends on yarn construction, but ranges typically from about 1 oz/yd² (30 g/m²) to 18 oz/yd² (600 g/m²)
5. The width of the fabric is typically between 1”(25 mm) and 12” (305 mm). but we are able to manufacture widths up to 600 mm (24”)
6. Rolls are wrapped in plastic and shipped in a carboard box.
7. We can ship individual boxes by courier, or multiple boxes on a pallet.


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