What are your shipping hours?

Monday to Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Will you stock product?

Yes we stock 6oz and 9oz direct size tapes, and various widths of 24oz and 18 oz woven roving. 

If a customer places a blanket order we will stock the product so that it is available to ship at a days notice.

What are the available roll length?

Our rolls can be made in imperial lengths or metric lengths. We work in both systems. We bill in metric. Our standard roll lengths for 6oz and 9oz direct size tapes are 50yds (45.7meters). Standard length for 24 oz woven roving is 70meters long and 18 oz woven roving is 100 meters long. We are able to adjust the length of the roll to accommodate customer preferences.  Custom lengths are 10yd, 150m, 500m and 1100m

What sets your roll build apart?

One of our strengths with direct size tapes is our ability to create a roll build that optimizes customer performance.  For longer rolls lengths we create a tightly wound, hard roll  that is easy to manage and maintains its integrity when handled.

Why do you use Direct Size Yarn?

Direct size yarn does not go through a heat cleaning process. Heat cleaning damages the yarn and reduces it’s strength and other mechanical properties. The only advantage of a heat cleaned product is the price. Heat cleaned products are commonly used for applications in non challenging environments.

Is your product compatible with the sizing I use?

Our products are compatible with most of the common resins. If in doubt please contact us. We are able to order yarn with a size that will be compatible for your operations.

What patterns do you weave?

Most common is plain weave. Send us a challenge, we are usually able to supply material with your particular pattern demand.

Can we tweak standard tapes to optimize our operations?

Yes you can.  We are happy to work with customers to create a product that optimizes the performance of your process.

Do you toll Weave?

Yes, if you have an input you would like woven reach out.

Iso Certification?

No, but we are very familiar with ISO requirements and have the most significant quality procedures in place.


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