Who are we?

Gerrit J. van der Weg, PhD, PEng

The sage, the old man of the company. The days of staying at work for almost 3 months straight when the company was started are far behind him. The physical energy levels may be lower, but the brains are still working fine. Physical tasks have now been transferred to the many skilled people who do the daily hands-on work. Gerrit is still guiding the way forward, the special projects, and the R&D. We keep innovating so we can meet the demands of our ever-evolving market. He has laid the base of a prosperous company since 2001. His in-depth knowledge of the weaving process, his experience in fiberglass R&D within a large North American Fiber producer, and his education as a Professional Engineer allow us to provide expert technical support to all our customers.

Christine van der Weg, BSc

The wearer of all hats. Christine has experience in all aspects of the organization from running the looms, to customer service, accounting, operations management and human resource management. Since 2004 she has been a constant presence contributing to the well being and growth of the company.  She can be seen at trade shows and is ready to answer questions.  She is progressively taking over the reins and leading the company into the future.

Some of our Crew


8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Shipping & Receiving
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