W series

The GBRF bi-directional woven fabric line includes industry standard fabric styles and customer application specific fabric constructions. The GBRF WA series of fabrics uses high strength aramid fibers for light-weight and impact resistant critical FRP applications. The WC series of fabrics uses standard or intermediate modulus carbon fibers for light-weight, high tensile strength and stiffness critical FRP applications. The WS series of fabrics uses Single end and multi-end S2 glass filament yarns and rovings to improve strength and impact properties of fiberglass laminates. All fabrics can be constructed of homogenous reinforcing fibers or tailored for hybrid fiber constructions. GBRF bi-directional fabrics utilize Warp and Fill yarns in plain (PW), twill (TW) and satin (H) construction. Fabric widths up to 60 inches wide (1524 mm); fabric weights from 130 g/m² to 1050 g/m² (4.3 to 35 oz/yd²). WA series = Aramid fabrics WS series = S2 glass fabrics WC series = Carbon fabrics WH series = Hybrid construction fabrics photo_wseries Standard WC Carbon Fabrics:
WC311 3k x 1k 3.9 oz (120 g) PW WC601 6k x 6k 11 oz (330 g) PW WC1201 12k x 12k 19 oz (570 g) PW
WC331 3k x 3k 4.8 oz (150 g) PW WC602 6k x 6k 11 oz (330 g) TW WC1202 12k x 12k 19 oz (570 g) TW
WC301 3k x 3k 5.8 oz (175 g) PW WC604 6k x 6k 11 oz (330 g) 5H WC1203 12k x 12k 19 oz (570 g) BW
WC302 3k x 3k 5.8 oz (175 g) TW WC607 6k x 6k 9 oz (270 g) TW WC2401 24k x 24k 19 oz (570 g) PW
Standard WS S2 Glass Fabrics: WS6522 S2 75 1/0 x S2 75 1/0 3.7 oz (110 g) PW