Specialty Carbon, Kevlar, S2 and E glass Fabrics

photo_welcomeGeorgian Bay Reinforcement Fabrics has acquired certain assets from SciArt, Inc., and is now able to supply their HMF™ uni-directional hot melt fill yarn fabrics and no-crimp unidirectional surface bonded technology in the Ancaref™ and Unifibre™ product lines. Made to order, GBRF will also start offering their W series of products, which provides reinforcing fabrics of Carbon, Aramid, S2 and E glass, and specialty fibers utilizing traditional bi-directional weaving. These product lines find wide use in applications from automotive, aircraft, infrastructure, marine, medical, to recreational & sporting goods. This line-up of dry, uni-directional fabrics offers a full complement of directionally tailored laminate reinforcements for pre-preg, wet-preg and resin infusion FRP lamination processes.